Enjoy sun, colour, culture & indulge your golfing passion
Morocco is fast becoming the place for golfers looking for an amazing all-inclusive experience without breaking the bank. It’s a country filled with colour, culture and mouth-watering cuisine. As well as year-round sunshine, the luxury resorts are complimented by some fantastic layouts which are surrounded by spectacular natural scenery.

Notable regions which golfers should look out for on their next trip to the gem of North Africa are the thriving city of Marrakech, the majestic coastline of Agadir, the charming town of El Jadida and Essaouira.

Why play golf in Morocco?

High quality championship golf courses

Incredible cultural heritage & fascinating traditions

Exceptional service with all the modern conveniences

Value for money golf & accommodation options

Over 300 sunny days per year with bright blue skies

Enjoy a huge variety of restaurants, night life & spas




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